How to uninstall windows 10 app

How to Uninstall Apps in Windows 10

When you first sign in, Windows 10 installs those apps for your user account. If you have no use for those UWP apps, here is how to remove them. To remove a default app in Windows 10, you need to open an elevated PowerShell instance first. Open the Start menu (press Win key on the keyboard).. Learn how to keep in touch and stay productive with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, even when you're working remotely >. Note that some apps and programs are built into Windows and can't be uninstalled. Uninstall from the Start menu. Select the Start button and look for the app or program in.. Remove Windows 10 Built in Apps using PowerShell. Windows PowerShell lets you uninstall many other apps with the exception of Microsoft Edge. Open the start menu, Search PowerShell and then run this program as an administrator. Just right click on the program and select the option Uninstall default apps via Settings in Windows 10. Apps like 3D Viewer, Calculator, Feedback Hub, Groove Music, Mail & Calendar, Mobile Plans Here is how to uninstall a default or pre-installed app in Windows 10: NOTE: Some of the apps like Cortana and Store can't be uninstalled as they are..

Repair or remove programs in Windows 10 Repair apps and program

  1. But in Windows 10, uninstalling a program (either a desktop program or a Windows 10 app) is much simpler. Here are three different ways to uninstall an Find the app or program you want to uninstall, click it, and then click Uninstall. It doesn't matter if it's an app or a desktop program this time -- you..
  2. Windows 10 comes with a bunch of apps that you may find useful, and a few you will probably never need. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn't want you to Also, note that Contact Support, Cortana, Edge and Windows Feedback cannot be removed. How to Uninstall Windows 10's Built-in Apps
  3. That's how to uninstall apps on Windows 10. The easiest way to do it is from the Start screen, but the settings page gives you sorting options. This article was originally published on Apr 2, 2015. However, we are re-running following the release of Windows 10 for new users
  4. When a Windows 10 user fails to uninstall an application they themselves installed on their computer, they can end up being Well, thankfully for Windows 10 users, failing to uninstall a third-party program or application through the Add or remove programs utility and the Settings app is not..
  5. How To Uninstall Any or All Pre-installed Windows 10 Apps. With Windows 10, Microsoft provided lots of apps/software preloaded inside the operating system so that its users don't have to hunt for any third-party software. It has app to read email, browse the internet, watch photos/videos, listen to music..
  6. Windows 10 tutorial: How to uninstall apps and programs (1:57). In Windows 8.1, you uninstall desktop programs the traditional way—by heading to the Control Panel. You can still do that in Windows 10, but there are also two new methods: one in the Start menu, and one in the new Settings..

Windows 10 comes with a lot of pre-installed default apps, and for one reason, or another, you might want to uninstall them. So, we're going to show you how to uninstall Windows 10 default apps in this article. We'll also show you how to reinstall them, in case you change your mind Windows 10 introduces a new generation of apps, built on new technologies. These apps are called Windows Store apps, and this article will show you different ways of Locate and right-click the app you wish to uninstall. Right-click the app's tile or listing in the All apps list. A context menu will appear Could someone please tell me how to uninstall Groove Music on Windows 10? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Groove Music is one of the default Windows 10 apps, so it's not on the Programs & Features When you install Windows 10, it also installs a wide range of apps like 3D Builder, Get Office, Skype, News, Weather etc. To uninstall any built-in store app, you first need to get the app package from PowerShell and then remove it. Here's how to uninstall Microsoft store apps

How to Uninstall the Default / Inbuilt Apps in Windows 10

  1. Uninstall Windows apps in a normal way can be applicable to some Windows apps. At the desktop menu, right-click on a app and if you see Uninstall option there, then Now let's see how to uninstall system apps in Windows 10. You have to follow similar methods if you use Windows 8 or 8.1 as OS
  2. Windows 10 includes a variety of default apps. But as we know, there's no easy way to remove them from the All Apps view in Start menu. And if you want to uninstall them, probably most of them cannot be allowed to uninstall in the usual way, except some apps, such as Get Office, Get Skype..
  3. The steps below show how to uninstall the Photos app from Windows 10. When you uninstall the Photos app the Windows Photo Viewer will become your default image progress. If you only want to bring back the WIndows Photo Veiwer for certain images check out How to bring back Windows..

How To Uninstall Default Apps In Windows 10

Windows 10 offers several ways to delete unwanted software, but there are also several third-party But how do you give them the heave-ho? Windows 10 includes an uninstaller option available You can quickly and cleanly remove a Windows 10 Universal app through the uninstall feature in the.. Windows 10 & Windows 8 come with some default (built-in) modern apps pre-installed. On the other hand, we often install additional apps to use or to test them. So, there is the need to uninstall all the unwanted apps or to free up disk space. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to remove the modern apps..

How to uninstall an app or program in Windows 10 - CNE

How to uninstall a software or application from Windows 10 PC in a straightforward way even beginner can follow quite easily is described here. How to Uninstall Software From Window 10. Tips 1. Take your mouse pointer to either the icon or search of Cortana placed at the taskbar Everyone loves Windows 10 as it's slick and easy to use and comes with some fantastic features right out of the box. There will, however, be some of these default apps that you don't want to use and will just take up space on your drive and clutter up your desktop Learn how to uninstall apps from your Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Control Panel. One is to open the uninstall function or program that may have come with your application. The standard Windows way, however, is to use the Apps & features or Add or.. Everyone loves Windows 10 as it's slick and easy to use and comes with some fantastic features right out of the box. There will, however, be some of these default apps that you don't want to use and will just take up space on your drive and clutter up your desktop If you want to install specific programs, use the Windows Uninstaller (Method 1). It's best for removing a single program from the system with as streamlined a First, check for a custom uninstaller like in Method 2. Sometimes these prevent the app from being uninstalled with standard windows methods

Uninstalling apps in Windows 8 wasn't necessarily difficult. That being said, it wasn't exactly obvious either. Getting rid of something on your PC required you to know whether it was an app or program, which many people didn't. Here's how to uninstall apps and programs in Windows 10 Windows 10 comes with many modern metro style apps installed by default. There are plenty of users who are never going to use modern apps such as Xbox, Weather, Sports, Store, OneNote, Skype Thankfully, there are ways to completely remove / uninstall pre-installed Windows 10 modern apps Windows 10, like previous versions Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, come with some preinstalled Modern apps (earlier they were called Metro apps). In this article we'll show how to correctly uninstall standard Modern apps in Windows 10, and get some extra free space on your system drive How to uninstall default Windows 10 apps from Geek Uninstaller? 1. Download the Geek Uninstaller from the above link. 2. Install and launch the Geek Uninstaller in your 3. You can uninstall normal program as well as Windows 10 apps, by just right clicking on any app and selecting Uninstall option Apps are fairly easy to uninstall on Windows 10. You can remove an app from the Settings app or from the Control Panel. If you want to hide apps from the uninstall list to prevent them from being uninstalled, you can do so by editing the registry or by using an app called Hide from Uninstall List

Windows 10 offers a new way of installing apps. In addition to via binary files (.EXE), you can also install apps in Windows 10 via Microsoft Store. Click the app you want to uninstall and you should see an Uninstall button beneath it. Simply click this button to start uninstalling Find out how to remove core apps from Windows 10 that you cannot remove from the Settings because they are grayed out Windows 10 has its own share of bloatware. While that doesn't take much space, . it's possible to delete Windows 10 default apps. For some of the default apps, it is very easy to uninstall them while you might have to run some commands to delete others. 1- For the first group, all you need to.. How to Remove Windows 10 Built-in Apps - Windows 10 contains a variety of universal Apps, which is not allowed to uninstall easily in usual way. How to Uninstall Stubborn Software Safely in Windows - Most of us have had such program that no matter what we have tried, it wouldn't go away

Tony hates apps such as Cortana, Edge, Xbox, Groove and would like to uninstall them. But should he Don't want the apps that get shipped with Windows 10, or want to remove them because you find them annoying? Here's how to do that. There's no option to uninstall these apps directly, but still, Microsoft has provided a way to remove them from the system using the PowerShell menu Post Contents. 0.1. Removing apps with an uninstall option. 1. Removing Default Apps For Current Single User. 1.1. Here are some the commands to uninstall Windows 10 preloaded apps: 2. Removing Default Apps Permanently For All User }, Note: Windows 10 actually prevents you from uninstalling some core built-in apps. To learn how to uninstall those apps, plase refer to Windows 10 Tip So while a universal app uninstall will happen immediately after that one prompt, uninstalling a desktop application this way will cause the familiar..

How to Uninstall and Restore Windows 10's Built-in Apps Laptop Ma

Certain Windows 10 apps can't be uninstalled the normal way--they have to be removed with PowerShell commands. Here's how you do it. However, in Microsoft Windows 10, uninstalling some applications can't be achieved with a simple right-click of the mouse, because the Uninstall.. This is a basic tutorial for Windows 10 beginners who want to know how to install or uninstall Windows Store applications. If you want to install Windows Store Apps on your Windows 10 PC, you must visit the official Windows store, search for the application, then download and install it

Windows 10 comes with lots of apps preinstalled, but you probably won't want all of them, and they can be tricky to uninstall. Third-party program 10AppsManager gives you total control of Windows' default apps, and doesn't require any fiddling with the command line How to Remove Default Apps from Windows 10 - THOMAS.VANHOUTTE.BE Windows 10 comes preloaded with a lot of default apps. The very first thing you should try is simply right-clicking on an app on the start menu and see if there is the uninstall option Windows Insiders - dedicated to Windows Insider program, WI builds troubleshooting. Windows Redesign - a subreddit for design concepts and Windows Specifically, I am annoyed with the Mail, Sticky Notes, Cortana, Xbox-related, and several other items. If anyone could talk me through how to.. The following steps describe how to uninstall Office products on a PC (laptop, desktop, or 2-in-1). For Mac, see Uninstall Office for Mac. Tip: Uninstalling Office only removes the Office applications from your computer, it doesn't remove any files, documents, or workbooks you created using the apps

How can I uninstall Windows 8 license copy & install Windows 10? Otherwise, I take that the program won't uninstall from the control panel so I recommend CCleaner which is a very popular app to uninstall programs cleanly and safely Uninstall Windows 10 S and Go Back to Windows 10. While Windows 10 S is great, it confines you into Microsoft's environment, restricting you from installing any desktop programs. Although the inbuilt apps are great for the audience it is targeted for, that is teachers, students, and other educational.. I want to uninstall the Instagram metro app. How can I do this? In appwiz.cpl it is not listed. I know how to display all metro apps but not how to uninstall. windows-10 windows-store-app windows-store How To Remove Pre-Installed Windows 10 Applications With PowerShell. You might be deploying Windows 10 machines to users and need to remove some of these pre-installed apps. If you've attempted this, you have probably found it's not quite as easy as going into Programs and Features..

How to uninstall apps in Windows 10 Windows Centra

OneDrive comes installed with Windows 10 and is enabled by default if you sign on with a Microsoft account. If you don't use OneDrive, however, and don't want it running in the background, there are some hoops you can jump through to disable it or get rid of it everywhere in Windows 10 Uninstall Windows Updates with Settings and Control Panel. Open Start menu and click on the cog icon to open Settings. If you are unable to remove an update from the Settings app or Control Panel, you can also use the Windows Update Standalone Installer, or wusa.exe, command line program to.. There are more than twenty default Windows 10 apps that come preinstalled in our new operating system: apps for the news, sports, weather, calendar, photos, etc. If we want our Windows installation.. Windows 10 comes packed with dozens of built-in apps, like Calculator, Money, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, News, Calendar, Mail, Cortana, etc.. Let's see how you can remove a built-in app from Windows 10 PC. Uninstall Windows 10 Built-In Apps using Start Menu: It is a very simple method Uninstall Windows Apps and stubborn programs in Windows 10. You should know that beginning from Windows 8, there are two types of programs - Windows Apps and Programs. Both types can be removed from your system manually, although Windows Apps don't take much space and can be..

When uninstalling a Windows 10 app, hit Uninstall on the pop-up agreeing to uninstall the app and its related info. When uninstalling a desktop program, the Programs and Features window from the Control Panel will open. How to uninstall default Windows 10 apps and programs Windows 10 - How To Uninstall Microsoft Apps? With every major Microsoft Windows 10 Update all important listed apps below (e.g. News, Money, People, Xbox, Mobile Plans and few new titles) will be RESTORED in your Windows computer and re-listed as Recently Installed apps in the Start menu How-To. How to Uninstall Windows 10 Universal Apps with CCleaner. By Brian Burgess. Last Updated on June 16, 2019. Piriform launched a new update to its popular CCleaner desktop app. The most notable new feature is the ability to uninstall Windows 10 universal apps. Share. Tweet. Share Windows 10's Universal Windows Platform apps may possibly be Microsoft's most unpopular decision - ever. What's the current thinking on how we Let's remind ourselves how Windows 10 UWP apps are deployed. They certainly aren't like standard Windows applications, which we must now quaintly.. Windows offers several methods to remove installed apps and programs, and a number of users decide even to go a step further and rely on third-party software for the same task because they bring a bunch of extras, like cleaning all leftovers

Here's how you can uninstall the default apps in Windows 10 Mobile and increase the phone's storage within 5 minutes. When prompted, enter 1234 as the password. Done! Uninstall default apps in Windows 10 Mobile. Connect the phone to PC using USB after getting Full File Explorer or.. To recover uninstalled programs on Windows 10, you can either use a third-party data recovery tool or Windows System Restore. This option takes your PC back to an earlier point in time, called a system restore point. Restore points are generated when you install a new app, driver, or Windows update..

Windows 10 comes with lots of pre-installed apps consuming lots of your valuable hard disk space for no reason. If you really want to remove them, then don't miss to check my article on how to easily remove Windows 10 default apps How to uninstall windows 8.1 application? Deleting programs in windows 8? Remove wajam from apps menue windows 8 or how do i delete start menu Windows 8.1 pro uninstall default apps for every users? How to delete software windows 8, Can't unistall asphalt 8 app from windows 8.1 For some reason, Microsoft disabled the ability to Uninstall Xbox app that comes preinstalled with Windows 10. There are PowerShell scripts on the web that will allow you to remove it Here are the steps to uninstall the built-in Xbox app in Windows 10. Launch Ccleaner and click on the Tools menu If you've got Windows 10, you've got pre-installed apps you don't even know about. I've found a great free tool that finds them all and lets you delete them. You'd be surprised at how many apps Windows 10 installs on your system without you knowing about them Built-in apps which are bundled with Windows 10 are sitting on freshly installed system. You can notice those apps in case you have created a multiple local users on the system because each time you have created new user, when the To Uninstall All Windows 10 Apps With Powershell enter thi

How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10 That Won't Uninstall

  1. However, the Windows 10 is now being installed everywhere, which implies how user-friendly it is for anybody including students, developers, office After installing and open CCleaner on your Windows 10 machine, go to Tools tab and head over to Uninstall section. Here you will get all third party apps..
  2. We are doing a rollout of laptops and workstation using windows 10 pro and are driving me crazy by the default apps installed with windows. i am checking what are you guys doing to remove the app fro. write list of apps needed for uninstall in a text file.....save as a PowerShell script (PS1)
  3. Since these apps came pre-installed, users won't be able to uninstall them like the other apps they downloaded from Store. In such a condition, the This article will help you to erase built-in apps in Windows 10 using single Windows PowerShell based script. It will also help you to remove built-in..
  4. istrator option. Copy and paste the following command into the PowerShell prompt and then press Enter to uninstall an app (replace the appname placeholder with one of the app names listed below)..
  5. Have you ever tried command prompt to uninstall unwanted apps or programs in Windows 10? If not, then this guide is for you
  6. Removing Windows 10 from the boot sequence and formatting the Windows 10 partition is an easy way to uninstall Windows 10 (technical preview) dual boot. Make a Right click on the drive/partition to which you installed Windows 10. It's recommended to check the drive letter once again via the..

Windows 10 includes two panels where you can manage apps and desktop programs. Click any app to expand its listing and expose the Uninstall button. (That option isn't available for some FAQ. How to install, reinstall, upgrade and activate Windows 10. Questions about installing and activating.. Microsoft Windows 10 comes with many features and lot of default apps. Some of them are useful and some are unneeded apps for normal user. I'm only use playing music with Windows Media Player and never use Groove app. You can't uninstall these default apps in Program and features panel I am trying to uninstall gotomypc on windows 10. When I go to the control menu/apps and list gotomypc, modify and uninstall is grayed I also downloaded uninstall gotomypc and it lists as just this in my download folder, but clicking on causes the application to try to install gotomypc again Installing and uninstalling apps one at a time is a necessary process, particularly with a fresh Windows version installed. However, the process of doing it one at a time is also incredibly tedious and annoying - but again, essential. One way to circumvent this process is to install or uninstall..

How to Uninstall Default Mail App and Install it Again: Okay, Let's start the procedure. But, Don't forget to do what i mentioned above. Just open Windows Store. Search for Mail and Calendar. Then, Install it in your PC. By this way, You can reinstall default mail app of windows 10 Windows 10 expert. 49 Best Answers. 125 Helpful Votes. 1 How-to. If that doesn't do it, check Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates so, I installed Win10 with a freshly downloaded copy of the 1511 version and I still get twitter and all the other same default apps installed. any ideas With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has created a great number of new default apps which are integrated into the new OS. These apps come pre-installed and there is no convenient method to remove or uninstall them as you can with other apps 24,107. Apps - Uninstall Modern Apps in Windows 8. When you uninstall an app, it will be completely uninstalled from only your user account since each user account uses their own separate Windows Store apps The old Windows Photo viewer was an amazing software, It was very light and used to open all kind of image files very quickly but then came windows If you can also relate to this, Then follow the steps below on how to remove Photos app from windows 10 and find out an old but extremely powerful..

Video: How To Uninstall Windows 10 Apps: Step-By-Step Guid

Windows 10 comes with a large amount of built in apps, most of which are useful, but some are not and you may want to uninstall them, however you might find that when you right click on an app you want to uninstall.. So, how to uninstall or remove Windows 10 modern Universal application from Windows 10 TP machine? OK, As shown in the following picture, I tried to remove from PC Settings-> System-> App Sizes. But the uninstall button didn't work for me The first way of uninstalling apps completely is to use a special software App Cleaner. App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a special application designed Do you still remove applications by just moving their icon to the Trash bin? We hope you don't. But if you keep doing that, you should know that in this..

People who are avid players of online PC games are likely familiar with Discord. In many ways, you can consider the app as Skype for gamers. It is designed to help players coordinate and communicate.. Sometimes even after you've uninstalled a program, its entry will remain listed in the Add or The entry is not removed from the registry and therefore remains in the list. If you try to uninstall it again Newer versions of Windows will detect this problem and actually ask you if you want to remove the..

Completely Uninstall Unwanted Software, Windows Apps & Browser Plug-ins. Is your Windows PC running slowly after installing piles of software? Have you ever installed a program with a bundle one? I have been using it for a few months and I do not know how to live without it, I recommend it.. Keep in mind that default and preloaded apps cannot be installed normally on Windows 10. Learn How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser from The guys at Winaero.com have made it a script that you can use to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 10. The procedure is listed below and all you.. How to Fix Can't Uninstall iTunes Windows 10 Issue. 1 Automatic Fix - Use TunesFix. Steps to fix can't uninstall iTunes windows 10 via TunesFix: Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesFix on your PC. Step 2: Upon launch, the software will automatically look for potential iTunes issues So, Windows 10 now have another smarter way to uninstall applications in bulk. This is how you can run uninstallation wizard for multiple applications at the same time. Your system speed may slow down by the times these applications are getting uninstalled but in the end, you will get rid of all the.. Windows 10 comes with a slew of pre-installed apps, the usefulness of which will vary from user to user. Most of the less useful apps, such as Get Office for example, include their own right-click uninstall option. However, some do not, and this is where third party removal tools can come in handy

How to uninstall programs and apps in Windows 10 PCWorl

Since Windows Vista, your operating system comes with an anti spyware program called Windows Defender. It's a small piece of software that runs in the background to help protect your computer from various pieces of spyware and malicious software How to uninstall Photos App on Windows 10: [ATTACH] [ATTACH]There may be a reason you may want to uninstall the built-in Windows 10 Photos app installed on your PC. But if you open Settings > Apps, you will find that the option to uninstall is grayed out. While we [... Windows 10 comes with lot of pre-installed app and here is a simple freeware tool to Uninstall Windows 10 Pre-Installed Apps. Windows 10 is one of the widely accepted version. Windows 10 also comes with lot of default apps including mail, contacts, browser, video player and image viewer How to uninstall programs/apps with a single click. You may find the above mentioned method bit time consuming. Also, the above steps do not help you uninstall the program completely and there will be some The best way to uninstall programs/apps in Windows 10 is using the software CleanMyPC If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 then you might want to uninstall Microsoft Security. 4.Press Windows Key + Q to bring up the search then type control and click on Control Panel from the search result. 5.Click on Uninstall a program then find Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on the list

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Default Windows 10 Apps

Force uninstall How to remove the Mail app on Windows 10 If you want to get rid of the built-in Mail app on Windows 10, we'll In this post, we will learn how to uninstall the Windows 10 Mail App. We can do it via the Start Menu, Settings, using a PowerShell command or a free app uninstaller to.. If you're running build 14936 of Windows 10, there's a new option available that will be of interest to many people -- the ability to remove built-in apps. If you select things like Calculator or Mail and Calendar, you will find that the Uninstall button that was previously unavailable can now be clicked > How to delete a Mac app using Launchpad. > How to completely remove a program from a Mac. Which means, to uninstall an application in macOS, you need only drag the app to the Trash. First, you need to access the Library folder - this has been hidden by default since Mac OS X 10.6, but it's.. How to Remove Services in Windows 10. Posted on July 17, 2018 by Mitch Bartlett 8 Comments. If you wish to remove it, you can track it down by right-clicking it and selecting Open file location. From there, either uninstall the related program from Add/Remove Programs or delete the EXE file as.. Home iOS / iPhone How To Uninstall iTunes On Windows 10. There are situations that require complete uninstalling on iTunes. Therefore, it would be useful to know how to properly uninstall the software to be able to correctly download and reinstall iTunes for Windows 10 in the future

Windows 10 has installed many apps that professionally do not make any sense and it consume resources. In 2 articles we explain how to remove these useless apps. First of all we need to open a POWERSHELL session with administrator permissions or execute this comman May 20th 2016 UPDATE: We have a solution to disabling the STORE in Windows 10 Pro using a Group Policy Object . We are working on finding a solution that does not involve deleting (or renaming) the Store app in every profile. In case you want to do that the path to the Windows 10.. This concludes our tutorial on how to uninstall the Bing Desktop application from your Windows 10 computer. For additional help and support Think you can help?. I have tried: I have uninstalled a few of the obvious ASUS programs and apps, like the video stuff that I'll never use on this basic budget..

Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn't want you to uninstall universal apps such as Money, Maps and People. But that doesn't mean you can't use a little Also, note that Contact Support, Cortana, Edge and Windows Feedback cannot be removed. How to Uninstall Windows 10's Built-in Apps Windows 10. Uninstall Google Chrome. You can remove Chrome from your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux), or delete the Chrome app from your iPhone or iPad

Help with how to uninstall programs, games, or other software from your computer in Microsoft Windows. The following sections contain several methods for uninstalling programs from a computer running Microsoft Windows, and the pros and cons of each method Microsoft's Windows 10 comes with a slew of stock Universal Windows apps, like Mail and People, that you can't uninstall the regular way. If you don't use some of these and like to keep things clutter-free on your system, then this quick tip is going to be right up your alley A senior EFL teacher, content writer, SEO consultant, social marketing advisor and youtuber. He is also a graphic designer, a photographer, a wordpress and android geek, online translator and tutor as technology inspires him much

How to Uninstall Windows 10's Built-in Apps (and How to Reinstall Them). Hi I guess you all like W10 Apps! I have no problem with then, and I actually like most of them. The others I just ignore Windows 10 users can also manage installed apps from the Settings app. Here is how to uninstall FortiClient via Settings: click on Start menu > Settings, and then click on the Apps & features in the left-hand sidebar; as the list in the right-hand extends, select FortiClient, and click on the Uninstall button.. Windows 10 App Remover is a portable app to remove Windows 10 pre-installed apps. It can also restore some apps that you removed should you change your mind. It has a simple, clean interface with few options. A batch uninstall option would be nice for example

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